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Down but not out: the role of microRNA in hibernating bats [期刊论文]Lihong Yuan; Fritz Geiser; Benfu Lin; Haibo Sun; Jinping Chen; Shuyi Zhang2015-8-5
Rapid development of 12 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii) using next generation sequencing technology [期刊论文]L.M. Li; L. Wei; H.Y. Jiang; Y. Zhang; X.J. Zhang; L.H. Yuan; J.P. Chen2015-4-14
High-Throughput Sequencing of MicroRNA Transcriptome and Expression Assay in the Sturgeon, Acipenser schrenckii [期刊论文]Lihong Yuan; Xiujuan Zhang; Linmiao Li; Haiying Jiang; Jinping Chen2014-12-15
Evidence for Retrovirus and Paramyxovirus Infection of Multiple Bat Species in China [期刊论文]Lihong Yuan; Min Li; Linmiao Li; Corina Monagin; Aleksei A. Chmura; Bradley S. Schneider; Jonathan H. Epstein; Xiaolin Mei; Zhengli Shi; Peter Daszak; Jinping Chen2014-5-16
OB-RL silencing inhibits the thermoregulatory ability of Great Roundleaf Bats (Hipposideros armiger) [期刊论文]Tengteng Zhu; Lihong Yuan; Gareth Jones; Panyu Hua; Guimei He; Jinping Chen; Shuyi Zhang2014-5-6
Genetic Diversity and Population Demography of the Chinese Crocodile Lizard (Shinisaurus crocodilurus) in China [期刊论文]Huayuan Huang; Hui Wang; Linmiao Li; Zhengjun Wu; Jinping Chen2014-3-11
Complete mitochondrial genome of Thymallus grubii (Salmonidae: Thymallinae) [期刊论文]Bo Ma; Haiying Jiang; Peng Sun; Jinping Chen2014-2-10
Universal DNA primers for amplification complete mitochondrial genome for sturgeons [期刊论文]Weiwei Shao; Li Wei; Linmiao Li; Hui Wang; Zhihua Lin; Jinping Chen2014-2-4
Genetic analysis of population differentiation and adaptation in Leuciscus waleckii [期刊论文]Yumei Chang; Ran Tang; Xiaowen Sun; Liqun Liang; Jinping Chen; Jinfeng Huang; Xinjie Dou; Ran Tao2013-10-24
Role of olfaction in the foraging behavior and trial-and-error learning in short nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx [期刊论文]Wei Zhang; Guangjian Zhua; Liangjing Tana; Jian Yanga; Yi Chena; Qi Liua; Qiqi Shena; Jinping Chena; Libiao Zhang2013-10-8

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